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Flaps Controller Module FCM-4S

The FCM-4S is an electronic controller for electric wing flaps.  The internal microprocessor reads the position reported by the flaps motor assembly or an external position sensor, and directly drives the flaps motor to the commanded position.  LED backlighting can be connected to a master avionics lighting dimmer, or controlled via the front-panel button.

No other product on the market offers comparable features in a standalone package with intuitive, simple-to-use controls.



The FCM-4S is designed to to quickly and automatically adjust flaps during high workload phases of flight.  The controller uses input from an external position sensor (either built into the flaps motor, or a sensor in the wing) to regulate the motor and achieve the same setting every time.


  • 4 programmable positions
  • Ball bearing detent mechanism
  • Dimmable LED backlighting
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Optional RS232 interface for airspeed lockouts and configurable “Dynamic Dark” mode
  • Lightweight – less than 6 oz.
  • Flaps motor overload monitoring and protection
  • Compatible with 14V and 28V electrical systems

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 65 × 115 mm


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